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GOMOKU Five-in-a-row. Goal to get an unbroken line of five stones whether vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. No restrict to both black and white.
RENJU A professional variant of Go-Moku, uses more sophisticated rules.
The international rules of renju
In this site, you can play Gomoku/Renju game online with Super five-stone-game, a strong Renju/Gomoku program written in Java.
  • About [Super five-stone-game]

    [The 2nd Renju Worldcup amoung computer programs]
    2nd place in Problem Solving. 5th place in Tornament.

    [The 3rd Renju Worldcup amoung computer programs]
    Winner of Problem Solving.

  • The history of computer renju

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    1st Online Game Center(Japanese)
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