The history of computer renju

During Mind Computers Olympiads by David Levi it was competitions for Gomoku and Renju Computer programs.
In 1989 in London "Stonesystem" by N. Alexandrov , M. Trukhan and A. Grigoriev was the winner of Renju match .
Then in 1990 in London "Stonesystem" won again.
In 1991 Moscow "Vertex" won friend match against Japanese program of Mr. Matsuura 2:1
In 1991 in Maastricht (Netherlands) "Vertex" by A. Shaposhnikov and A. Nosovsky was won.

After that First World Championship of Gomoku and Renju was hold in Moscow 7 participants from 5 countries took part in it. "Vertex" by A. Shaposhnikov and A. Nosovsky won again.

In 1992 in London won "Neuron" by A.Golubev and A. Melnikov but "Vertex" did not participate.
During all this years the programs from England, Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, Russia, Latvia, Ukraine, Japan, Armenia took part in Renju competition. After that it was a break.

The 2nd WC in Renju among computers programs was hold in 1997, Moscow. There were participants from Russia,USA, Japan, China. There were two championships, Tournament and Solving Problems. The winner program in both championships was "Blackstone" by Victor Barikin.
Mr. Kawamura former Meijin and World Champion kindly wrote about this program : "It is enough strong to play against top players !"

In July,2000, the 3-d World Championships among Computer Programs were hold in Moscow. BlackStone won WC Tournament again. Tongxiang Zhang's Super won in Solving Problems.(BlackStone did not particapate Solving Problems this time)